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The most common signs are the following:

Congenital (Signs normally found in infants and children)
EARLY Enlargement of the head
Feeds poorly/Decrease in appetite
Recurrent vomiting
Prefers to be alone
LATER Distended scalp veins
High-pitched cry
Increased muscle tone
Enlarged and bulging fontanel
"Sunset Eyes" (downward gaze)
Acquired (Signs normally found in older children, teens, and adults)
EARLY Increased intracranial pressure
Decrease in appetite
Double vision
Deteriorating mental capabilities
Personality changes
Difficulty in walking
LATER Seizures
Please note that these are just the most common signs - and it doesn't mean that a patient who is suffering a malfunction will follow all these signs. And no two malfunctions are alike, although they may be similar.

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