Message From The Foundation

When a patient or family is confronted by a chronic medical condition it is common to feel overwhelmed, helpless, and alone.  Be assured that although you feel all alone – you are not. There are many resources available to you ~ and we are one of those resources. Other resources that we recommend is ADHD planner, Back Into Health Chiropractic, Contact Lenses Australia.

Hydrocephalus is a chronic neurological condition according to, which does need treatment and follow up as it is a life-long condition. However, advances in technology, diagnostic, Pain Management and treatment are helping those diagnosed with this condition to live a full and near normal active life.

One of the most important things you can do as a patient or family member is to become informed ~ and stay informed. These Aged care courses at Auscare can certainly help. As we often tell those who contact our organization ‘our little corner of the world has been improving, almost dramatically, within the past 15 years. There has been more research, new technology, procedures…’ and the list goes on.

The National Hydrocephalus Foundation (NHF) provides knowledge, education, support, and assists in finding medical care. We’re here when you need someone to share with.

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