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A Chance at Independence — For many students with intellectual disabilities, education stops after high school. For Hartley Plyler, however, graduation was just the beginning. Hartley, 18, of Kings Mountain, graduated from Shelby's Willow Tree Community School this year and applied for Clemson University's Clemson Life - a program designed for students with intellectual disabilities who desire a post-secondary experience on a college campus. (read full story)

Gavin Rushes In — I would like to share my story about my daughter, Heather, and her new baby boy, Gavin. I wanted to share with you on the "miraculous" happenings. Gavin is now 7 weeks old and doing great!! Heather was scheduled for a C-section and she went into labor earlier than expected. Gavin was born 6/9/14 (37 weeks, came out 7 pounds, 14 ounces and, was 21 inches). (read full story)

Blessing in Disguise — On Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 2:07 p.m., our family was blessed with a beautiful little girl, who we named months earlier. Her name Madison Claire. Her delivery was very much planned with the high-risk maternity doctors. However, she DID surprise us, and the doctors, by arriving one week earlier than expected and entered the world very quickly.  (read full story

So Grateful — Almost 4 years ago, in 2009, my wife, Dianne, and I took a wonderful trip to the Holy Land to celebrate my retirement. I was 66 years old. Within a week of returning, I was in the emergency room. I had a very bad staph infection on my foot from what appeared to be a small blister. An Infectious Disease Specialist was finally called in. (read full story)

Paying it Forward — For some time now, I’ve received requests to share my story, I decided that now would be a good time. All my life I knew there were a few different things about me, like headaches, but they ran in my family, no big deal. I also had bad balance. Among other things, was the fact that I could never lay on my stomach or back, when I did, it was like the blood was getting cut off from going to my head. (read full story)

Life is a Journey — Let me begin by tell you that I strongly believe that we all have a reason for being, that we are all on a journey, but at different points on a map. The most recent jaunt of my journey involved conquering many mountains and trudging through many valleys. It all began in March of 1998, when my daughter, Victoria was born, a seemingly healthy baby girl. It all seemed so perfect with the newest addition to our family. (read full story)

Helen's Crusade — Helen was born and raised on a large farm in South Dakota along with five brothers and sisters. She was no stranger to hard work. She got married and raised two children. In 2003, at the age of 73, Helen liked to take long daily walks. She became aware that her legs felt like they had lead in them and were glued to the ground.  
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Our Shining Star — Five years ago we were living the "perfect" life.
We had a dream home, luxury cars, and we took two cruises a year.
We had four beautiful, healthy and successful children (two sons and two daughters - Evan (22), Brendan (16), Courtney (19), and Molly (14).
We thought our life was perfect and our family seemed complete.
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Miracle Granddaughter — I would love to tell you about Alyssa. She is my miracle granddaughter. When my daughter Catherine was 16 weeks pregnant, her sonogram showed that there was something wrong with the baby. The first sign was that her eyes were cast downward in an unnatural position. This was caused by the excess fluid in the cranial cavities known as ventricles, which meant that the baby had developed a type of hydrocephalus. You could see a large pool of fluid and a small amount of brain. However, as we later learned, you can’t see through the fluid to see what’s underneath.  (read full story)


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